• Vocal

    K-pop, pop, etc. (No limit in genre)

    Singing capacity based on breathing, pitch, rhythm, pronunciation and technique

  • Dance

    Self-choreographed dance, cover dance, hip-hop, b-boy, popping, locking etc. (No restrictions in genre)

    Flexibility, rhythmical sense, posture and dance steps, stage presence

  • Rap

    Cover song, self-written song (no restrictions in genre)

    Technique based on clear diction and sense of rhythm

  • Acting

    TV, stage, and/or film acting (no restrictions in genre)

    Vocalization, breath control, script and emotion delivery, and stage manner

  • Model

    Walking and posing

    Ability to pose with your own style with confidence and originality

  • MC/VJ

    A script of your choice

    Accuracy in communication, characteristic expression

  • Audition Qualification
  • No limit on Age, Gender and Nationality
  • Finalist Benefits
  • The finalists will be offered an opportunity to participate in the special training system of JYP Entertainment.